About this blog

Not all stories that move us need feature heroes, adventurers, dramatic landscapes and exotic locales. Often, the most relatable stories are those linked to people, places and things from every day. Like the anecdote of the potted plant that is all that remains of a grandmother’s garden. Or the tale of a tea seller in Delhi whose roadside stall has the most unusual guard. Or a poem inspired by a walk with a dog on a bleak and foggy winter morning. Often funny, poignant, sentimental or thought-provoking, these snippets of our lives and those of others deserve to be shared.

And so here is Humble Tumbleweed – stories sparked by the everyday.

Through photographs, prose and some poetry, I hope to bring to you the everyday stuff of life that forms the fabric of our existence.

“In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

Khalil Gibran

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all photographs and content on this blog belong to the author, Shreya Bhat. Please do not use any of them on social media or any print or digital medium without my permission.