Blank page

the page 
stares back—defiant.
I gird my loins.

The past year-and-a-half has been difficult. I have been struggling to cope with work, home, illness, and the overall stress brought on by the pandemic. The strain has, unfortunately, affected my writing.

Writer’s block, I thought it was. Turns out that it was writer’s doubt and overwhelm. With some self-compassion, improvements to my daily routine, and fragrant morning coffee, I’ve begun to write regularly again. Usually I write the first thing in the morning, and it makes my heart sing the rest of the day. Why did it take me so long to realize how important this is?

So here I am—reviving my fledgling blog with this little verse. I’ve written this as a somewhat meddled-with elevenie, a form I picked up from The Writer’s Greenhouse.

Coffee cups up, and cheers to more writing!

© 2021 Shreya Bhat. All rights reserved.

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